Sunday, January 17, 2016

Network Mounts: Connect Shared Windows Folder in RuneAudio

You can configure RuneAudio to add various sources like Network Attached Storage (NAS), USB storage, and Spotify for music streaming. To stream music from PC with RuneAudio any room in your house, you can make a Sharing Folder for your local network.

Firstly, create a Shared Folder in Windows:
  1. Right click the folder you want to share and then Properties.
  2. Go to Sharing tab and click Share button.
  3. Click on the drop-down list, select Everyone and click Add button.
  4. Set Permission Level as Read for the group of Everyone and click Share button.
  5. Once done, you will see the Network Path of your shared folder.
  6. Turn off Password Protection by go to Network and Sharing Center, scroll to the bottom and expand All Networks, turn off password protected sharing and then click Save changes button.

You can now configure RuneAudio to mount the Windows Shared Folder in your PC,
  1. Open RuneAudio's RuneUI at runeaudio.local
  2. Go to Library > Network mounts
  3. Example of my NAS mounts settings as follows:
  4. Source name: Keyables (The name you want to give to this source. It will appear in your database tree structure)

    Fileshare protocol: SMB/CIFS

    IP address (Specify your NAS address): 192.168.1.XXX

    Remote directory: Keyables

    Guest access: On
  5. Click Save mount button.
  6. Done.