Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to dual boot Windows 10 with Elementary OS Freya

If you're a Windows user and wanted to try out different operating system on your computer, Linux is definitely a good choice to give it a go. Linux is open source operating system and it's free, so why not?

elementary OS Freya based on the rock solid Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, is best known of its nice UI - sleek, simple and minimalist design. It is compatible with Ubuntu's repositories and packages. You will have a wide range of compatible Linux software that can be install on elementary OS.

Partition Hard Disk for elementary OS

Most of the Windows computer has 2 hard drives, C:\ and D:\. The C drive is important where Windows 10 installed. Whereas the D drive (relatively larger size than C drive) is an empty drive that you can save all your personal file. I partition my D drive for elementary OS. The following is how to partition D drive:

  1. On Windows 10, press the Windows key and type partition and enter Create and format hard disk partitions.
  2. Disk Management window appears, right-click on D drive and select Shrink Volume...
  3. 100 GB or more of free space for elementary OS will be just nice, it's your choice. I allocate 130 GB.
  4. Click Shrink. This process is ridiculously fast.

Create Bootable USB drive for Installation

  1. Download elementary OS Freya ISO image file.
  2. Download and open Rufus.
  3. Insert USB flash drive (at least 1 GB of free space) and select it in Device list.
  4. Select ISO Image in Create a bootable disk using and open elementary OS Freya ISO file.
  5. Click Start and wait until it is finished.

Booting from USB drive

Restart your computer, press Esc or F10 function key before it boots Windows 10, this allows you to choose to boot USB drive or hard disk. The key may vary, but all computers have this features. Refer the computer user manual for the correct key. Choose your USB drive to boot elementary OS.

elementary OS Installation

After finish loaded the elementary OS splash screen, wait for the installer window appears. Like other Linux distros, installing elementary OS is easy to understand and straight forward by just following its instructions. Below are the screenshots:

Be careful when creating partitions in elementary OS. This is a key process which enables dual boot Windows with elementary OS.
  1. Select Something else and Continue.
  2. The installer will show you all the partitions in hard disk. elementary OS will install in the free space (grey bar) which previously created using Windows 10's Disk Management. In the picture shows I have 136.3 GB. Click + button to create partitions for /, swap and /home.
  3. / is a partition for file system, it is not necessary to have so much of free space. I give it at most 40 GB of free space.
  4. Swap is used when the physical memory (RAM) is full. The amount of swap space should be equal the double amount of your RAM. I have 8 GB of RAM so I allocate 16 GB for swap.
  5. /home space is the partition which can store documents, pictures, videos, and etc. You should allocate all the free space left available for this partition.
  6. Double check all partitions to make sure everything is right. Click Install Now and follow its instructions.
  7. After installation completed, reboot computer. Next startup GNU GRUB menu will appear with a list of OS selection to Windows and elementary OS.
So there you have it, Microsoft Windows 10 and Linux elementary OS Freya both right in you computer in perfect harmony.


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  4. Just /,/boot,/home,/tmp,/usr,/var,/srv,/opt,/usr/local

    1. You have to open the "use as" drop down menu

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