Saturday, September 26, 2015

Control your bandwidth: The Dropbox download and upload rates

Doing college assignments, blogging or software coding. Having Dropbox installed is super helpful to save your works in the cloud storage securely. It syncs the files automatically in background. While syncing larger file may drag down the network speed, especially noticeable when streaming videos. To avoid Dropbox eating up too much of your bandwidth at one time, you may take a look at controlling Dropbox's download and upload speeds:

  1. Right click Dropbox Badge.
  2. Click the Wrench icon.
  3. Click Preferences...
  4. Go to Bandwidth tab.
  5. Set the Download rate and Upload rate. By default, the Download rate is 50 KB/s and Upload rate is 10 KB/s.
  6. Click OK when it is done.

Vice Versa you feel Dropbox is syncing too slow, don't limit the Download and Upload rates. This features gives you more control on your computer's network bandwidth.


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