Monday, August 31, 2015

Bersih 4.0 uses FireChat for Communication if Internet Breakdown

Bersih 4.0 rally organiser chosen FireChat app for communication purpose as the last resort during the Bersih rally in case of Internet breakdown.

“We are officially on Firechat with a verified status. Firechat will be our last resort for information dissemination, in case internet goes down.”, announced on Facebook.

FireChat developed by Open Garden Inc, based in San Francisco US, allows its users to send message using Bluetooth or peer-to-peer WiFi. That means it works even without an Internet connection or cellular phone coverage.

FireChat uses multi-hop and store-and-forward capabilities, sending offline messages by hopping from one device to another in order to reach the recipients. A network of FireChat users increase in size when more devices join together in close range.

FireChat was used in Iraq in 2014 after government restrictions on Internet use, Taiwan 2014 Sunflower Student Movement, 2014 Hong Kong protests (Umbrella Revolution), and 2015 Ecuadorian protests.

Well, aside from being oftenly used at various protests, it is also used at the visit of Pope Francis in Philippines in 2014 and SXSW music festival 2015.

FireChat has ranked up in App Store and Play Store's free apps chart - Malaysia during Bersih rally.

Download FireChat (iOS) (Android)

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