Sunday, June 21, 2015

LEGO Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Case

The LEGO was my favourite toy when I was a kid because I built what I wanted. I have LEGO house set that I built spaceship, robot, car & etc. by integrating some imagination efforts.

There are some folks sharing their creative Raspberry Pi LEGO case that I think is awesome. So I thought it would be fun to build a case for my Raspberry Pi 2 model B with the LEGO bricks that I have.

First, build a LEGO baseplate 18 x 12. I use the LEGO pieces which I have so the colour
selection is not good.

Put a LEGO brick on each of the corners to lift up the Raspberry Pi 2. This is to avoid the bottom surface of the RP2 completely laid flat on the LEGO baseplate. The raised part also make it easier to access the area of the micro SD card slot.

Place RP2 on top and start building walls around it to secure its position inside the LEGO case.

LEGO windows on HDMI port and micro SD card slot.

Build a roof on the case.

I use USB Wi-Fi adapter, instead of LAN cable. Thus the Ethernet port area is covered to secure the positioning of RP2.

Add some styling and I have created my own custom LEGO case for RP2. The most fun part is reviving my childhood toy which is more than twenty years ago!