Sunday, October 6, 2013

Some Tips to Improve iOS 7 Performance on Older iPod/iPhone/iPad

Upgraded your iDevice to iOS 7 but laggy and slow? Unfortunately, Apple don't allow the downgrade back to the iOS 6. So here are some tips how I have a smoother iOS 7 running on my iPhone 4S and iPad mini:

  1. Restart your iDevices
  2. Firstly, please sync with iTunes after the successful upgrade of iOS version. Then restart your iDevice to let it have a fresh start.
  3. Use still wallpaper
  4. Dynamic wallpaper burdens the CPU, especially the older devices.
    Steps: Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper > Stills
  5. Turn off the parallax effect of icons and alerts

  6. The parallax effect creates 3D illusion of app icons floating on the home screen. It is a cool but less practical feature. You may turn it off and end the iOS 7 motion sickness (to some users).
    Steps: Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion
  7. Turn off AssistiveTouch
  8. AssistiveTouch is the main cause of lagging my iPhone 4S. It significantly drags down the performance when I scrolling through photos and typing text message. However, frequent use of physical home button may sacrifice lifespan of the button.
    Steps: Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch
  9. Remove Stocks from Notification Center
  10. iOS7’s new translucent Notification Center is laggy on older device. I removed Stock from Notification Center since reading stock price on Notification Center is not absolute necessary for me. Customize it with your own preferences. Just keep the Notification Center as minimalist as possible.
    Steps: Settings > Notification Center > Stocks
  11. Turn off Background App Refresh
  12. Turning off refresh of background app may not make any noticeably improvement. Some apps are not necessary to refresh their content with Wi-Fi/cellular or use Location Services in background. Plus, you get better iDevice battery life.
    Steps: Settings > General > Background App Refresh

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