Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to fix Phoenix Service Software "Neither DP1.0 nor DP2.0 was found for the Product"

Firstly, a brief background of how did I came across this error message "Neither DP1.0 nor DP2.0 was found for the Product, or the Product cannot be identified" in Phoenix Service Software.

Phoenix Service Software - Neither DP1.0 nor DP2.0 was found for the Product, or the Product cannot be identified

I had downloaded the Nokia firmware and going to flash my Nokia N82 with Phoenix Service Software, Phoenix shows this error every time when I am choosing my downloaded Product Code on Phoenix's Firmware Update window. Don't worry about the meaning of DP1.0 and DP2.0, just as what the error message means, Phoenix is unable to locate your firmware.

So to fix it, simply follow these steps:
  1. Make sure you have the correct Nokia firmware for your hand phone. (More details)
  2. Go to C:\Programs Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products and create a new folder naming like RM-313 for N82 or RM-596 for N8. So the folder will be like RM-XXX. You can check your RM on phone by pressing *#0000#.
  3. If your computer is using 64-bit Windows, Nokia Phoenix should be located in C:\Program Files (x86).
  4. Done. The error is longer appears and Phoenix can detect the Nokia firmware files.
  5. Phoenix Service Software - Product Code Flashing


  1. Hi,

    I'm still getting that error shown in the image above... Wat shall I do ???


  2. Hi, what is your phone model?

  3. Got the same error when i try to flash Nokia 5800 rm-356

  4. Hey I need some helpe with Phoenix servise software it´s tell me error DP-DP2

  5. U must restart the Phoenix after that operation. This Should help. If don't - Make sure, if folder created in "Products" in Phoenix's folder is "RM-XXX" NOT EVEN ANOTHER !!! This folder must starts with "RM" letters.

  6. the error message again appears after creating a folder named RM-808 in the products of the phoenix in the c drive please help me..................

  7. thanks , it helps a lot . :D

  8. Yes Same Problem What IS Permanent solution for this?

  9. hi guys anyone still im getting the same error after creating the folder i have to flash my nokia c6-01 plz help me out

  10. check dis link for solution, i got mine there