Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to install third party apps with ADB on Buildroid

Previously, I have covered how to install the Google apps provided by Buildroid using Android Debug Bridge (adb). While installing new apps directly via Google Play Store/Android Market is very simple. But how do we install third party Android apps (.apk) which are not obtained from Play Store using adb tool?

  1. First, setup the Buildroid for VirtualBox.
  2. Download the adb tool and extract it.
  3. Start the Android on VirtualBox.
  4. Locate the extracted adb folder, press and hold Shift key + right click on the adb folder. Click "Open command window here".
  5. On the command window, type adb connect localhost
  6. You have the adb tool connected with the Android VM. You may now enter the install command to install your apk application. The adb install command should be like this for example: adb install \apps.apk
  7. If you see Success message, you will see the app is already installed on Android VM.
  8. If you encounter error message "error: more than one device or emulator", see how to solve it.


  1. When I connect using adb, it says connected to localhost:5555 but then when I try to install the .apk, it says error:no device found

  2. Enter adb devices and see what is the output you get?