Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Add "Open in Chrome" Bookmark in iOS Safari

Google Chrome for iOS platform is the most popular free iOS app since the release in last week. The sign shows Chrome is a welcome addition to iOS users. However, due to the Apple's restrictions to third-party iOS web browsers, the users can't change their default web browser in iOS. It could be the security reason but it seems the actions of Apple allowing third-party web browsers for download in App Store contradict their restrictions for changing the default web browser in iOS. The choice of web browser needs to be universally changeable, otherwise it never feels right to use third party web browser in iOS.

The default web browser in iOS can be changed by a free jailbreak tweak called Browser Changer. It also allows you to open the Home Screen Shortcuts with the browser of your choice. Browser Changer can be found in BigBoss repo. See the Browser Changer in action:

If you don't wish to jailbreak your iOS device, there is a workaround with the helps of javascript code by Jon Abrams which will launch the current page in Chrome by tapping the bookmark. Here's how to do it:

  1. Copy this code:
  2. javascript:location.href='googlechrome'+location.href.substring(4);
  3. Launch Safari and bookmark any webpage you like.
  4. Open Safari bookmarks, tap Edit button.
  5. Rename it to "Open in Chrome" or any name you want.
  6. Replace the URL by pasting the javascript code.

This bookmark will open the current page you are visiting in Safari with Chrome. Not the best solution but definitely come in handy on non-jailbroken devices. For your information, the Home Screen Shortcuts won't work because the URL can't be customized.

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