Thursday, May 31, 2012

Install Other Languages/Change Product Code On Nokia Using NSS Pro

Nokia Software Updater install the right language pack of the firmware accordingly to the product code, in case you haven't know it works. So as long as you know what are the product codes for your Nokia handset, you can choose the firmware in your preferred languages to install.

Why use NSS pro? It supports newer Nokia phone's connectivity drives and fewer steps to write product code compared to older Nemesis Service Suite (NSS). Furthermore, NSS has been discontinued. So NSS is unable to scan new Nokia phones.

What do you need before get started?

Here's how to change product code:
  1. Download and install Nokia Suite
  2. Download NSS pro
  3. Connect Nokia handset to computer via data cable
  4. Choose PC Suite/Ovi Suite mode on Nokia handset
  5. Open NSS pro
  6. Under Production Data Edit category, click Read and you will see the information of your handset.
  7. Change the Product Code and check Enable
  8. Click Write
  9. NSS pro - Product Code
  10. After NSS pro has written the new product code, you may click Read again to confirm the new product code has been written.
  11. Done. As usual, update firmware with Nokia Software Updater and you will have your preferred languages installed.

UPDATE: Check out the complete list of Nokia Product Code with NaviFirm.


  1. what is the product code i have to select for Installing hindi Language?
    can u suggest?

  2. Each different phone model has different product code for languages. The product codes should be easily found through Internet search. Or, you can provide your phone model here and I'll try my best to find it for you.

  3. I have 6120 classic...
    blue color
    i tried to change it to 0554389
    but after write it shows error when i click read...
    after that my product code was not shown...
    what's the problem??

  4. Their is error in installing my product code...

    [Checking selection...Supported(USB) interface selected.
    Checking data...Done.
    Init connection...Done.
    Write Product Code...Done.
    Checking selection...Supported(USB) interface selected.
    Init connection...Done.
    Reading Product Code...Error(2).
    Reading Hardware Version...Done.
    Reading Manufacture Month...N/A.
    Reading Order Number...Done.
    Reading Production Serial Number...Done.]

  5. hi my phone is nokia E6-00 the product code is 059K5S7 spain i want to change it to 059D8C4 french help HEEEEEEELP any other methodes

  6. nns didn't work for nokia E6 it can read the code but not to write it heeeeeeeelp ! I WANT MY PHONE IN FRENCH

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