Monday, March 26, 2012

Apple Earphones Shortcuts

The Apple earphones come with the box of iPod and iPhone. We wear the earphones for listening stereo music, hands-free calling, gaming, etc. Here are some useful shortcuts which you might not know on the earphones' remote to control iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

When there is an incoming call:
  • Press Once to answer the call
  • Press Twice to send the call to voicemail
  • Press and Hold to decline the call

When on the call:
  • Press Once to hang up the call

When there is an incoming call, while on the call:
  • Press Once to on hold the current call and answer the incoming call
  • Press and Hold to decline the incoming call

When playing music:
  • Press Once to play/pause/resume track
  • Press Twice to skip to the next track
  • Press Twice and Hold to fast forwards the track
  • Press Three Times to repeat/play back the previous track
  • Press Three Times and Hold to fast rewinds the track

When using camera:
  • Press Plus (+) to snap picture

When on menu/idle/sleep:
  • Press Once to activate Music/iPod then play track
  • Press and Hold to activate voice control or Siri (iPhone 4S only)

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