Saturday, January 14, 2012

Surf the Internet Safely with Chrome and Firefox URL Expanders

When URL shorteners first came, those were useful for replacing long URLs. But spammers take advantage of them to disguise harmful and malicious links. Nowadays, the shortened URLs are widespread everywhere on the Internet. To avoid dubious links, here are the URL expander extensions for your web browsers that give you peace of mind when surfing the web.

Google Chrome
LinkPeelr - LinkPeelr instantly reveals the actual long URL destination in tooltip when hover your mouse over the shortened links.

Mozilla Firefox! -! automagicallly expand and analyze any tiny URL so to avoid clicking on potentially harmful, malicious links.

If you don't like installing extensions in web browser that consumes system resources, these websites can check the shortened URL for you. Just bookmark a URL checker website to find out those spammy links real destinations.

Sucuri - shows shortened link real location and also runs safe site checkers.
Where does this link go? - an elegant minimalist website by just showing the real destination behind tiny URL.

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