Monday, January 16, 2012

G+7 Displays Google+ Stream Posts on Windows Desktop

Kalamon G+7 is a Windows gadget that allows you to read live Google+ posts feed right on your Windows desktop. You can even +1, reply, and share the Google+ messages feed with this desktop gadget.

G+7 Download link:

Installation and use:
  1. Click Install to download gplus7.gadget file.
  2. Open gplus7.gadget, it will appear on the desktop and click here to login with Google+ account.
  3. G+7 login windows pops up, enter Email and Password. You must tick Stay signed in. Otherwise, G+7 won't work.
  4. After you login, click the refresh icon on G+7 and it will starts streaming Google+ messages feed.
  5. Right click on G+7 gadget and click Options, you can customize which Google Plus Circle to view only, update frequency, and undocked size.
  6. Click on any post feed, you can +1, reply, and share the post.