Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apple iPhone 4S 'No Service' Issues

iPhone 4 antenna is smart but also being notorious for having antennagate issues. Apple confidently introduced the iPhone 4S with using completely same design of iPhone 4. No doubt it is a beautiful smarthphone but they better have fixed the death grip issue on antenna this time.

I stay in a place where the signal strength is moderate. Mobile phones do easily out of coverage in this certain areas but will back on line once there is network coverage. On the first day I get my hands on the iPhone 4S, it displays 'No Service' but doesn't search back the signal. I can't send SMS and make calls. I have to manually turn on and off the Airplane Mode to trigger it to search for signal. It happened every few hours and it's really irritating.

After searched the web, I found that this is a very popular issue. Many believe the iOS 5.0.1 firmware is the reason that causes the iPhone fails to search for network signal. I can't prove it because when I receive my iPhone 4S, it's already with iOS 5.0.1 (9A406). Apple has provided a solution for iPhone 4S which has symptoms that difficult in recognizing a micro-SIM card resulting 'No Service' or 'Searching' in a location with good network coverage. Trying this resolution is better than none. I follow the instructions and restored my iPhone 4S but the 'No Service' issue still exists.

It leaves me hopeless and wait for a newer firmware updates which able to fix this problem (probably iOS 5.1?) but who knows? They might never fix it. At this moment, I just try my best to avoid my iPhone 4S from dropping the signal strength to 'No Service'. Otherwise, I will have to switch on and off the Airplane Mode to wake it up to search for network signal.

Now is almost a week of using the iPhone 4S, it seems it's able to automatically search back the network by itself after the status bar dropped to 'No Service'. I don't know why it's back to normal as I didn't do anything to fix it. Is it iPhone 4S antenna needs to 'warm up' first for a period of time? But my iPhone 4S has none of this issue indeed after a week of usage.


  1. Hello my fellow iPhone 4s users... i
    have been going around the web for solution to the lost signal. Upon
    further investigation and diagnosis with my iPhone and other iPhone with
    a combination of chnage of sim between phones, resetting the network,
    hard reset and restoring a few times, it still persist. My analysis is
    that the iOS 5 >Settings>General>Cellular Data is the culprit.
    It does not have an option of switching between Edge and 3G (unlike the
    previous iOS lower than 5.0 or 5.0.1) It always stays on 3G. Now comes
    the trickiest part of my analysis. For networks having mid to low signal
    in areas, the updated dual antenna of the iPhone 4s switches
    automatically between 3G and normal signal. However, since it has no
    option to go down to Edge, it "automatically revert back to the original
    signal status". Sometimes from a very strong signal to a low signal
    area, it shows full bar of signal. but when you try to send an sms or
    make a call, it fails.  Conclusion:I
    believe Apple has been digging deep with their softwate developers and
    checking the hardware of the iPhone 4s. And if my analysis is correct,
    they may have to incorporate the option of EDGE and 3G again.  Temporary Solution:For low reception/signal areas, actually NONE... we have to wait for the update by Apple.So
    either use our iPhone 4s as an expensive iPod on poor reception/signal
    areas and transfer our sim cards temporarily to another phone or have
    your phone put to AIRPLANE MODE on-off again.

  2. During the first week I use iPhone 4S, the lost signal problem was worst. I agree with your analysis it might somehow related to iPhone has difficulty switching between the different bandwidths in poor signal areas due to the phone's firmware. Hope Apple is aware of this infamous issue and fixed on iOS 5.1 which rumored to launch on coming March 9.

  3. Actually the 4S can drop to EDGE.  You just couldn't force it to use EDGE.

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