Thursday, December 15, 2011

Calc SS3 - iPhone calculator clone for Google Chrome

Doing simple calculation quite often while surfing online? Calc SS3, the Scientific/Simple (toggle for simple mode) calculator is a great Google Chrome extension for you. If you fancy Apple-like experience, this is a simple way doing it. Once added to Chrome, the Calc SS3 button will shown on the Extensions Bar like the picture below:
You don't need to switch window to window to use the Operating System built-in calculator as it attaches to your Chrome web browser. Plus side is, it costs no memory usage in Chrome browser background like most other extensions do and it memorizes your last calculation and able to continue the calculation sequence even after shut down the computer. Well, this is an impressive piece of programming in my opinion. Keyboard and numpad are also supported instead using mouse mimics the handling of the iPhone calculator.

What makes it better than the calculator of the iPhone (OS4) is it fixed some weird issues of the original iPhone calculator, explanations can be found here. So check out the Calc SS3 and this is the guide for using the calculator.


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