Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to send Gmail SMS to DiGi users

Recently DiGi telco announced partnership with Google to offer Gmail SMS. With this new service, anyone with Google's Gmail account can sent free sms to DiGi subscribers. But first you need to setup Gmail SMS in your Gmail settings.

First login to Gmail. Click the gear icon which is located on the right hand corner and select Settings. Click on Labs tab then Enable SMS (text messaging) in Chat. Click Save Changes button and now you can start sending and receive SMS in Chat.

Initially, you will be given 50 SMS credit in chat. After used up all SMS credit, 1 SMS credit will be added back after 24 hours. 5 credits will also be added if you received a SMS reply in Chat. Click here for more SMS credit in Chat details.

Gmail SMS is free. If your friend who is DiGi subscriber reply your text message from their mobile phone, they will be charged RM0.10 per SMS reply. All replies will appear as a reply in Chat at your Gmail account.