Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to Connect Linux Server from Terminal using SSH

If you newly host your website on web hosting company like Hostgator with Linux server, you can simply SSH access on your web hosting account to manage your files and folders via PuTTY or Linux's Terminal without opening cPanel login domain:2082. But first make sure you have activated SSH access to your account.

Open Terminal and follow this command pattern:

ssh -p port username@ip.address

For example,

ssh -p 8286 keyable@

  1. Not all web hosting company use same SSH port.
    • I have a shared account in Exabytes, their SSH port is 8286
    • Hostgator SSH port is 2222
    • For other web hosting company, you may use their customer service to request SSH port
  2. You can use your domain instead of IP address.
Enter password and done.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing.

    Actually I am taking web hosting services from Net4 and I am using their Linux hosting service and they are managing my server. so i think this will be possible at their end.

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