Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012

Keyable is a young blog started since the end of November 2011. This blog does not gain high traffic but the visitors and page views have been increasing. I would like to thank you to visitors who have been visited Keyable. On the last day of year 2011, I'll sum up 3 most popular topics on this blog in year 2011:

  1. Android x86 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich
  2. The most visited topic is install Google's Android OS on computer. The Android-x86 project is best known for offering Android ISO file to install on your computer. I downloaded their Android 4.0 ICS ISO for Asus laptop and runs on VirtualBox but no internet connection and unable to install apps through Market. However, the WiFi works with the same ISO file installed on thumb drive. Later on, I found a VMLite build Android 4 in .vdi and sdcard.vdi file to emulate fake 8GB SD card. ADB (Android Debug Bridge) which enable us to install Android apps without Market is also included in archive file. In my opinion, VMLite build Android 4 is the recommended way to play around the Android 4.0.1 ICS on your computer.

  3. Chromium OS
  4. Chromium OS is the second most popular topic here. I have installed it on my HP mini 210 netbook and using it for some time. Overall, Chrome OS works surprisingly well for me although there is need some tweaks on my netbook's touchpad. 20 seconds boot up time, simpleness control User Interface and powerful Terminal Chrome Shell — crosh are the things I like in Chrome OS.

  5. Smooth Scrolling feature in Google Chrome
  6. There are already some Chrome smooth scrolling behaviour extensions available to download in Chrome Web Store. galambalazs' Chrome SmoothScroll is most natural smooth scrolling behaviour I found but it was removed from Chrome Web Store for some reason. Anyway, you can still download this extension here. There is something I want to add. I am currently using Chromium version 18.0.983.0 with build-in smooth scrolling. So, there is a possibility smooth scrolling will be coming with Google Chrome in future.

And there you go, the 3 most popular topics here in year 2011. Hope my guides are helpful. Once again, thank you very much for visiting this blog and see you next year. Happy New Year 2012!

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