Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boot and Install Chromium OS on Notebook

Like the Google Chrome OS? Here is a guide to turn your notebook into a Chromebook. The open source Chromium OS is a fast and lightweight operating system which able to get things done in Chrome. Hexxeh provides Vanilla and Lime daily builds Chromium. I install Lime build of Chromium OS because it has more hardware support for WiFi, NVIDIA and ATi GPUs. The list of hardware improvement are:
  • Broadcom WiFi – BCM43XX
  • Ralink WiFi – RT24XX, RT28XX, RT30XX
  • Realtek WiFi – R8187SE, R8712U, RTL73, RTL8180, RTL8187, RTL8192XX
  • nVidia GPUs – 6 series and newer
  • ATi/AMD GPUs - HD2900 and newer
In addition, Lime arrives with full Java support and the promise of more plugins soon.

Tools you will need:
  1. Image Writer for Windows
  2. Chromium OS Lime
  3. a 4GB thumb drive

Let's begin:
Create Bootable USB thumb drive and Boot into Chromium OS
  1. Extract all downloaded archive files.
  2. Open Win32DiskImager.
  3. Select Chromium OS Lime disk image (.img) and make sure it is correctly targeted writing data to your thumb drive. Click Write.
  4. After it's done, you have created a bootable Chromium OS USB thumb drive.
  5. To boot the Chromium OS USB thumb drive, go into BIOS settings to change the boot priority, set USB drive above Hard Disk. Press F10 to Save & Exit.
  6. The screen is empty while your computer is booting the thumb drive. It will take a few minutes for booting up first time so please wait patiently.
  7. After it boot into Chrome OS, select your Internet access and sign in Google account.
  8. Your USB thumb drive is now a portable Chromium OS. So, play around with Chromium OS to see whether it is compatible with your notebook hardware like WLAN, screen brightness controls, sound, and touchpad.

Installing Chromium OS
If you like Chromium OS and want to turn your notebook into a Chromebook with Chromium OS, keep on reading the following steps. NOTE: Installing Chromium OS is pretty easy but it will erase all your data on your notebook by following the guide below, make sure you backup your data first.
  1. Assume you have created a bootable Chromium OS USB thumb drive, insert the bootable thumb drive and boot into Chromium OS.
  2. Press ctrl + alt + T to open Terminal.
  3. Type install.
  4. Type y to proceed. NOTE: All your data will be deleted.
  5. The password is facepunch.
  6. When it is completed, type exit and reboot the notebook.
  7. Go into BIOS boot priority settings again and set it boot Hard Disk first.
  8. Enjoy the Chromebook.


  1. I have installed this OS twice on the same laptop, installation is successfull until i reboot and get error on boot. the system is installed but it won't boot. any idea to what could be wrong, i have followed the steps as described, but no boot...


  2. Hi Richard, I try my best to help. What was the error message while booting?

  3. I can't manage to get Terminal with ctrl+alt+T. Some websites say I shold activate Developer Mode, but I can't see how. How did you get to have crosh on your chromeOS?

  4. Without any configuration, pressing ctrl+alt+t will take me to the crosh terminal. Activating Developer Mode often refers to the actual Chromebook, which you need to flip the switch under the battery.

  5. I mounted image to USB, Im booted up in to Chro.. Lime... It works. Now I want to install into my harddrive. I Push CTRL + ALT + T... It doesnt work... Nothing pulls up... What Gives? Could you explain?

  6. Maybe I missed a step. Did you successfully login before pressing ctrl+alt+t?

  7. try this:
    Try Ctr+Alt+F2 instead. Login: chronos, pass: facepunch and then ” sudo install /dev/sdb /dev/sda ” where dev/sdb should be your usb stick and /dev/sda your hard drive. Pass (again): facepunch 

  8. Hey can you upload the copy of Lime somewhere? I am unable to find it on Hexxeh's site.

  9. I have this working perfectly off the USB drive however when I try to install as per your (and others) instructions, I cannot seem to kick off the process.

    In the Ctrl-Alt-T window the result is:

    crosh> install
    Unknown command: 'install'

    Others suggested using the Ctrl-Alt-F2 shell; but in the crosh shell the result is the same.

    If I do not use crosh, as one blog suggested and use the F2 shell I get

    chronos@localhost ~ $ install
    install: missing file operand
    Try 'install --help' for more information.

  10. Hi,

    i can't install it. When i use this command "install" and next hit enter i see this:

    install: missing file operand

    Try 'install --help' for more information

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